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"Without a doubt, if you are serious about having a career in music Ron Savage Music Academy is the right choice for you. I can’t say enough great things about this program.  My primary focus was drums. I learned how to read music, improvise, perform with a band and how to practice for success."


"Due to the high standard of excellence, every teacher in the academy is exceptional.  They use techniques that apply to and accommodate all levels of experience.  I joined with no experience.  Ron Savage Music Academy equipped me with the tools needed to earn a full tuition scholarship to Berklee."  


"I would recommend this program to anyone.  Because of this program I have a career in music today. I have been around the world performing different styles of music. Currently today I live in LA producing, writing and performing with various artist in the industry.  I hope the legacy of this phenomenal program continues to spread throughout the music industry."  


-Mark Ward (Drums, Bass, Piano)

CEO, Diamond Quality Entertainment 

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"I was 15 years old when I became a piano student in Ron Savage's music educational program. I would take the train to Cambridge every Saturday morning and walk to the church where lessons were held and take my lessons. This program inspired me to be a well-rounded, insightful and studious musician, as well as one who focused on giving back to my community and other aspiring musicians. As a music professional and professor, my heart goes out to students who have a desire to be musicians but little to no access to quality programming and teachers. With massive budget cuts in the K-12 educational sector for music and arts departments, having a program like this is an invaluable necessity." 


-Chantel Hampton 

Grammy Nominated Vocalist, Engineer

"Ron Savage is one of my personal heroes because of his commitment to sharing his vast knowledge about music, life and cultural wealth with the many students he’s taught over the years, as well as his friends, family and colleagues. Abundant Life Music Instruction, the Ron Savage Music Academy and the Cambridge Jazz Festival are important institutions in Cambridge and surrounding areas, fostering art and creative practice as essential and life saving. Ron sets a fine example of strong leadership with everything that he does, diligently serving his community and greater society dynamically and proudly."


-Terri Lyne Carrington

Multiple Grammy Award–winning drummer, producer, and educator

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"This program helped me find my voice as a guitarist. Through this program, I learned site reading, improvisation, technique, practice discipline, ear training, and music theory. It prepared me for Berklee program auditions and allowed me to develop my ear for music in multiple genres such as gospel, R&B, Rock, blues, and jazz. I gained exposure to many playing styles and also to Berklee College of Music where I now attend. It was one of the key factors for my acceptance into Berklee and pursuing music further. The great teaching allowed me to feel well prepared for the next steps in my music career.  I’d highly recommend it!"

"This picture was taken before my first recital at Abundant Life Music Instruction. I was really excited to perform for the first time with my sister. The first place I ever took guitar lessons was at Abundant Life Church when I was 12 years old. This program is led by Ron Savage and Lois Savage. I first heard about Berklee and the summer programs at Berklee through Rob Savage at Abundant Life. "


-Azana Hightower, Berklee Class of '21

"The importance of a high quality program like the Ron Savage Music Academy could never be overestimated. Ron and his team work tirelessly to provide a structured music program that inspires, informs and encourages students to grow musically, spiritually and socially. In addition, the Academy fosters the kind of positive community that impacts the whole neighborhood"


-George W. Russell, Jr.

Chair of Harmony and Jazz Composition Department

Berklee College of Music

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"Ron Savage reached out to me in the fall of 2013 after meeting me at Berklee’s “Umbria Jazz Festival” program. I started to take drum lessons from Ron weekly at RSMA (formally Abundant Life Music Instruction) with the goal of acceptance into Berklee College of Music. Every week when I went into RSMA I was overwhelmed by a strong sense of community. The musical education I received was perfect for me. The one on one training and mentorship from Ron Savage taught me how to grow as a musician. I was accepted into Berklee College of Music and have continued my education there over the past 4 years largely thanks to my experience at RSMA. Now I am beginning to enjoy a career as a professional musician in the greater Boston area. I would never have had the skills or the confidence to do so without the strong support of the community at RSMA."


-Robert Perkins, Berklee, Class of '21

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