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Berklee Instant Drum Set:
Play Right Now! 
(Berklee Methods). Learn to play the drums instantly with this revolutionary method for students of all ages! Written by Ron Savage, Chair of the Ensemble Department at Berklee College of Music, this book/CD pack teaches first-time drummers rock, funk and jazz beats within minutes. Features tips on playing and locking in with a bass player, strategies to help you understand the drum set and develop your own beats, and an accompanying CD so you can jam with the band in a variety of musical styles.
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Berklee Practice Method:
Drum Set 
(Berklee Methods). Make your rock band better, or prepare yourself to join one! This sensational series lets you improve your intuitive sense of timing and improvisation, develop your technique and reading ability, and master your role in the groove. Play along with a Berklee faculty band on the accompanying CD, then play with your own band!
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SAVAGE Ron - Eight Essentials Of Drumming (Inc.CD)
Become a well-rounded drummer with sound technique, solid time, and expressive musicianship by mastering these eight essentials: Ergonomics; Pop/Rock/R&B Grooves; Shuffles; Slow Grooves; African-Based Grooves; Jazz/Swing Grooves; Musicianship Skills; and Rudiments. Master drummer and educator RonSavage presents this time-tested approach to developing core drumming technique - efficiently and completely. By mastering these eight essentials, you will be able to play in any type of rhythm section - rock, funk, jazz, swing, hip-hop and others. These exercises and explanations will help you to fulfil the essential roles of timekeeper, backbone, and heartbeat, with rock-solid beats and soundtechnique
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